Winter Wilder 2015

The Winter Wilder 2015 will take place in Spring Valley, Minnesota, next Saturday, January 31st at 9am! We will be starting at the Spring Valley Community Center located at 200 S. Broadway Ave, Spring Valley, MN.


This race is self-guided using race notes that I have provided below and on the FB page. Please make sure to bring these cue cards with you so that you know where to run and avoid getting lost! Also, please sign the waiver and bring it with you to the run.

2015 Race Notes Winter Wilder_

winter Waiver

There is no aid along this route. That means no stores and no aid stations; so make sure to bring food and water with you if you will need it. The route is approximately 21 miles and takes place on open gravel roads. Please be aware of vehicle traffic and avoid running in the middle of the road. Most vehicles are not expecting to see people out running on these roads and may not see you, so be safe!

After the race you are invited to join us at either Valley Lanes or Johnny Ringoes. Valley Lanes is right next to the Community Center and Johnny Ringoes is just a few shops north along Broadway. I guess maybe the winner will get to decide where we go!

Thank you for your participation and for joining me out here in the middle of winter!


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