Abel Wilder 100km

The Abel Wilder foot race (100km) is the Grandad of them all, AKA, the badass in the family.  Born in 1784 Abel was the Great Grandfather of Almanzo Wilder.

This 100km foot race will lead you through the most scenic landscape in Southern Minnesota.  The Abel is set to start on Saturday May 16th at 5:00 AM and closes at 9PM,  giving runners 16 hours to complete the roughly 64 mile course.

Runners of the Abel will be required to carry water, food, a headlamp, something reflective, and a cell phone.  There will be a mid-point check in where we will have water and your drop bag.  Drop bags must be provided at check-in on Friday/Saturday night in Spring Valley.


2 responses to “Abel Wilder 100km

  1. Will there be a drop station for water? Can you tell me more about the required items to carry; I’m debating between running my first 100km or riding the 100M and the 50k run.

    I prefer to run to test my limits and with a minimalist approach to only carry what I absolutely need. I’m also interested in running the Arrowhead 135 someday so if running with gear is part of the challenge that is cool too.

    • Riggs,
      Good to hear you are ready to test your limits. We will require people to carry their own water, food, headlamp(100k only), cell phone, and directions for the 50k and the 100k. We are currently working on the route for the 100k and will be doing our best to make it pass through a town with amenities. We will have a check-in point situated roughly at the half-way point for the 100k and may have water available there as well(but no promises). We will have more details available as the route gets hashed out.

      -the wilder crew

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