Registration Open

Registration is officially open!

I figured Valentine’s Day is as good a day as any to post this. If you would like to join us on Saturday, May 16th in Spring Valley, MN, for either the 30k, 50k, or 100k, then please send a postcardby APRIL 1ST to:

Dustin Harford

812 Mound Street, Saint Paul, MN 55106

Please include your name and race distance (choose ONE of the following: 30k, 50k, 100k).

The Wilder Foot Races are self-supported gravel running races, which take place on open roads without any aid, support, or mile markers. We seek to provide you with a challenging route, that will take you through some of the most scenic valleys that SE Minnesota has to offer. These races require you to follow directions based on street names, not on mile markers, arrows, or cones. WFR has always hoped to provide a medium for enriching a community and the sport of running. It is a deliberate attempt to inspire simplicity and focus, and to heighten the basic necessities of a sport, which could not be any more natural or instinctive. We hope you will join us this Spring and we look forward to seeing your postcards in the mail.


Dustin Harford



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