The Wilder Crew

Dustin Harford
Favorite Beer:
Grain Belt
Origin of Birth:
Rochester, MN.
I grew up learning team sports and now I seem to avoid them.I’m active in cycling, running, nordic skiing, and much more.
Racing/running/riding background:
Pre college – ran track in high school and did some singletrack without realizing it.
Post college – Ran some trail races and biked self-supported from Rochester to Castle Danger, MN for a wedding.
2011 – Ran a marathon and rode the Almanzo.  Ran a half marathon and rode the Gentlemen’s Ride.
2012 – Became an Ultra Runner…enuff said.
Sven Hoaglund
Favorite Beer:
PBR…no seriously.
Origin of Birth:
Born with some breathing difficulties and screwed up legs.  Grew long hair, smoked, and avoided all activities requiring physical exertion.  Got off my ass one day and went for a run and the rest is history.
Swimming, cycling, and running (together as one sport or separately), hunting tasty woodland creatures, paddling, and bluegrass.
Racing/running/riding background:
(2006) Started running more than once a month, did a marathon, did a trail marathon, did a triathlon, did a couple more, did an ironman, ran some trail races, rode Almanzo, did some triathlons, did another Ironman…

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