People who give their time are essential to the prosperity of any event; the Wilder Foot Races is no exception.  Anyone interested or who knows of someone interested in volunteering with the Wilder Foot Races should contact us either by email  or on Facebook.  We will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

Awesome volunteers at the Almanzo 100 in 2011

There will be several events happening at WILDER FEST in Spring Valley, Minnesota on May 19th & 20th: The Almanzo, the Royal 162, the Abel 100k, the James 50k, the Perley 30k, and the Eliza Jane Market.  All of these events need volunteers, so if you’re interested give us a holler and we’ll try to set you up with something.

Activities volunteers may be involved with are: set up (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday), take down (Saturday and Sunday), registration (Friday night), mid-point check-in (Saturday for the Abel 100k & 50k), Finish recording, cheering, and more.

Thank you ahead of time to all of those who chose to volunteer at the great Wilder Fest!


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