I could not bring myself to title this blog in English, so it is written in Russian. I was watching the documentary, “Happy People” and I couldn’t help but identify with the people of the Taiga. A people who are self-reliant and sustainable, a people who are self-sustaining without government, without a marketplace, and without money.

Wilder Foot Races embraces a tiny fraction of that lifestyle; a few hours, or a day’s worth of that lifestyle. Participating in WRF is meant to be a self-sustaining experience, it is a time to leave everything behind and separate oneself from trivial material goods or unnecessary items. It is a time to negotiate mental and physical barriers, and immerse oneself in the rural countryside of Minnesota.

I hope those of you who have run any of the Wilder Foot Races have embraced this philosophy and have seen the beauty and the challenge that lies in the rural midwest environment, and I hope you will continue to come back year after year to participate in an experience, a happening, that brings running back to the basics, back to the raw form of running. This leads me to my announcement and public apology.

I owe all of you my sincerest apologies. My attentions and intentions have been deterred time and time again this year, and have resulted in the registration of only a couple Wilder veterans. Due to the very low numbers, Wilder Foot Races will not proceed this June as planned, and as I realize my own faults, I also look forward with optimism to next year and the potential for engaging the running world once more in 2015.

I hope all of you have a great year of running and I hope to see you out on the road.


Dustin Harford


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