Wilder Foot Races 2014

Unfortunately, as many of you already know, my university schedule will delay the Wilder Foot Races for the Spring of 2014. I felt immediate regret for having even thought about deferring from the weekend of the Almanzo, for it is this event and person that revealed to me the world of gravel racing. As I contemplated retaining the same spring date for the races, I recalled the date of the Spring Superior Races held by John Storkamp, another important person, who helped reveal to me the world of ultra running.

Ultimately, I decided with great contemplation, anticipation, and apprehension, to change the date of the Wilder Foot Races to Saturday June 14th, 2014. I know some of you will be disappointed, but I hope that many of you will be able to make it to the Wilder Foot Races. I appreciate all of the comments I received on the Facebook network and want you all to know that I take such comments seriously and into consideration when making such decisions.

To register for the 2014 Wilder Foot Races, send a postcard by April 1st, addressed to:

Dustin Harford

812 Mound St., Saint Paul, MN 55106, with the following information.

  • Name
  • Age
  • Race distance (30, 50, or 100k)
  • Email

I want to thank all of you who have contributed to the races in any way, whether it be through your running presence, your volunteering, your mentorship, or your great attitude, for without any of you, this event would be nothing  but a dream of mine. Hope to see you in June!


dh Wilder

p.s. on a simpler note…I managed to assemble a crib this weekend.photo


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