WW 2013

Hi All!

I hope you’re all doing well and staying warm through our wicked winter. The run is coming up here pretty quick, so I have attached the cue cards and the Waiver.

We will start at 9am on Saturday, December 28th in front of the Spring Valley Community center: 200 S. Broadway Ave, Spring Valley, MN. We will not have access to bathrooms so I would recommend visiting the Kwik Trip on the north side of town on Hwy 61.

Starting at the community center, we will head North out of town following the majority of the spring 2013 Perley course. Remember, this is a self-supported race. There will be no sag-wagon, no water, and no food. You are on your own for roughly 22 miles, enduring some potentially dangerous temperatures/weather. The only major difference from the spring race is that we will head back into town the same way we head out of town. This means you will have to cross hwy 61 when it may be busier and you may be tired. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CROSS CAREFULLY. Lastly, please make sure to print and bring a signed waiver and cue cards. I will bring some extra cue cards in case you forget.

The Winter Wilder started because the winter is a great time for running, reflecting, and planning. I enjoy this because of the solitude and the companionship. There aren’t many other situations or environments where I’ve experienced solitude and companionship simultaneously. I’ve missed the gravel roads in SE Minnesota, and like many of you have not been back since May. I look forward to seeing each one of you out there.

Best, dh



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