Thanks to all who came out and ran in the Wilder Foot Races of 2013.  We had folks from all over including Nebraska, Missouri, Colorado, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.  The start was a bit ominous with lightening around the area and some dark cloud cover, but the weather held off for most of the races.  Although we had a depleted number of starters this year, we still enjoyed our time meeting you all and watching you take off down the gravel roads.  I hope you all enjoyed your time out in Spring Valley and on the course and hope to see you again soon.  Feel free to shoot me a line if you’re looking for someone to run with in the Twin Cities or down around Rochester and Spring Valley, we always enjoy new terrain.  Who knows, maybe we’ll have some other runs crop up throughout the year…  With that, here are the results ( sorry for being over a week late, been on the move lately!)

Abel Wilder 100k

Anjanette Arnold – DNF – Mile 40ish

James Abel 50k+

Alex Kretchmer – 1st place – 5:27:32

Jerry Rogers – 2nd place – 5:39:39

Linda Kelsey – 3rd place tie – 5:47:20

Amy Cherko – 3rd place tie – 5:47:20

Michele Amacker – 4th place – 6:48:30

Zack Lamb – 5th place tie – 6:57:50

Lucas Lamb – 5th place tie – 6:57:50

Perley Wilder 22.5 mi…and more for some…

Hannah Hoaglund – 1st place – 4:07:50

Sven Hoaglund – 2nd place tie- 4:32:45

Natalie White – 2nd place tie – 4:32:45

Kristine Tibor – 3rd place group – 5:19:53

Ron Benjamin – 3rd place group – 5:19:53

Madeline Harms – 3rd place group – 5:19:53

Jaime Yaeck – 3rd place group – 5:19:53

Eric Nelson – DNF 

David Phillips – DNF



One response to “Results

  1. I enjoyed the 100k and 30k in 2012, I hope to be back in 2014 (as long as I’m injury free).
    Keep it up! Free races are great, I can’t immagine how much time you’ve spent planing and running this event. Thanks

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