Registration & Preparation

Registration has officially ended, and as the last of the procrastinator’s postcards file in we will be getting as much work done as possible so that come race day you are informed and excited to run gravel.  There will be a lot of things to take care of including finalizing route notes, organizing registration, medals, and this year’s teeshirt design.  We’ve got to finalize the design and the exact teeshirts we’re going to be using, but they will be something great from Outdoor Research again.  The Wilder tee from last year is definitely my go to item in the summer.  The shirt is light and it wicks away sweat like no other.  We hope you consider purchasing one this year (2013 teeshirt front) and we will make sure to have you choose one size larger than you normally would wear, due to the fact that the shirts are so sensitive to heat during the printing process that they shrink exactly one size.


We will be posting the roster as we continue to update it this week, but feel free to contact me if you sent in a postcard and don’t see your name within the next week or so.  Remember to check us out on Facebook to stay informed about race prep, race day, and other stuff.

I hope your training is going well and cheers to some warmer weather in May!


2 responses to “Registration & Preparation

  1. To clarify, would I order the same size OR t-shirt as last year or one size larger? Thanks.

    • If the size you got last year fits then you would stick with that since both men’s and women’s shrunk…sorry for the confusion. Hoping to have the preorder set within a week or so.

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