Winter Wilder Race Results

Thanks again to all the runners who came out to run the first Winter Wilder!  What a great show with about 28 runners toeing the start.  We are still unsure how many finished as we are missing some finishing times, but most everyone either finished or were within a stone’s throw of the finish.  Great job to everyone and a special shout out to all of those folks who had never run that far in their life!  Don’t forget, registration for the Wilder Foot Races (Sunday, May 19th) will be coming up shortly so stay tuned for more information!


I want to thank Kathy and her husband Mark from the A & W in Spring Valley for volunteering there time to cook all of the runners a great chicken and chili meal!  If you’re ever going through Spring Valley, please stop by the A & W and support a local business that supports both the Wilder Foot Races and the Almanzo.  Also, thanks to Christopher Almanzo Skogen and James for hosting the “trail magic” wayside; what a pleasant surprise at mile 15.5!

A special thanks to my wife Lisa, Chris’ wife Annie, and their children, Jack, and Olivia whom are all awesome….mainly because they put up with Chris and I, but also because they help out a lot at all of the events by smoothing out the rough edges and handling a lot of things behind the scenes.

Overall, the gravel and the wind were fast out there, and things went pretty smoothly for the most part.  I hope you all stayed warm for most of the run and enjoyed getting some fresh air on the gravel roads in Spring Valley, MN.  I’m always reminded when I run on the gravel down in SE MN why I love running; because it is simple.  You put one foot in front of the other and ultimately it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are, just that you are outdoors exploring new places, and moving.  With that, here are the times we have thus far; 

Winter Wilder Results  Feel free to contact me to report times or errors on facebook or at


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