Winter Wilder Race Information

Hello All!

I hope you are having a good winter and getting some decent snow wherever you are.  Read below if you are participating in the 2013 Winter Wilder and please make sure to have every member of your team and yourself print and sign the  WAIVER (available here) to bring with you to the start.  If you do not bring this signed you will not be able to participate.  THANK YOU.
1. Be respectful and mindful of your environment. (Do not relieve yourself where others will see you and do not litter.)
2.  Do not litter and pick any race nutrition wrappers up if you see them.
3.  Be SAFE.  You are on OPEN roads and you should NEVER be running in the middle of the road.
4.  Run AGAINST traffic.  The only time we may run with traffic is at the beginning of the race when we leave the High School.
5.  Be SMART.  Know thyself.  If you drink water or eat food, bring it and make sure you have       enough to last you the entire race.
6.  Carry a cell phone with you.  Pretty simple…you all have one and it will not weigh you down.
7.  Carry Race notes with you.  The course is not marked, you must pay attention to road signs and use your cue sheets.
8.  If you have an emergency call 911.
(In general you should practice these rules every time you run.  They are not strict by any means and they should always be followed.  Please be a good ambassador for the running community.)
WE WILLL BE STARTING AT THE HIGH SCHOOL in Spring Valley, MN.  See cue sheets here and check out the run on map my .  The route is approximately 20 miles.
We have space at Johnny Ringo’s (112 Broadway St Spring Valley, MN 55975) for a post race feast!  Please support the local businesses and come join us after the race.  There will also be a comedy show at Johnny Ringo’s around 8pm.  I will provide more information on food pricing if possible.
FOR SALE: We will have a limited number of Wilder Foot Races Hankies for sale for $5 at the bar after the race so bring cash and get em before they’re gone.
run gravel hanky
The first place team will receive free hankies.  Please be honest when you report your finishing time AS A TEAM (The last person on your team to finish = your finishing time).  Times will be reported at the bar where we can sort everything out indoors:)  Also, Remember to book a room at the Spring Valley Inn and Suites by January 5th to receive the Winter Wilder discount.  Just mention that you are running in the race to get the discount.
See you all soon,
Dustin Harford

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