A Winter Wilder

A Winter Wilder is set to take place on January 12th of 2013.  Currently, the plan is to run the 2012 version of the Perley 30k beginning at 9am.  It’s FREE…all you have to do is send me a postcard by December 1st to get in on the fun.  Mail your postcards to Dustin Harford at 124 8th St. East, Hastings, MN 55033.

This is self-supported event on open gravel roads in WINTER, and there will not be anyone out there to offer you water, food, etc. this time around so make sure you come prepared.

We like this to be more of a team event, but you are allowed to run on your own.  Find a running pal or team up to share the experience and to share a beverage with afterwards.  After all, the more the merrier!


2 responses to “A Winter Wilder

  1. There is nothing better than a free race in a pretty place. Thanks to Dustin, his family, and the community of Spring Valley. – Matt Scotton, Newton, Iowa

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