Thank You.

Thanks again to all who came and participated in the first ever Wilder Foot Races. You all represented the running community well out on the roads. I can’t thank you enough for bringing awesome attitudes and open minds as we all learned a bit about gravel, Spring Valley hills, and self-supported running. We look forward to improving on every single Wilder Foot Races event as we prepare for May 18th & 19th of 2013! Feel free to email me regarding your experience/improvements and how we can continue to GROW GRAVEL!


Here are a few photos of the 100k runners who challenged themselves on a hot and windy day.


2 responses to “Thank You.

  1. Thank you for such an interesting experience. I have never run a race quite like this. The free part needs no explanation, but the self-supporting part is a bit misleading. I felt continuous support before,during and after the races from not only the race directors, but also the runners. Although I didn’t know a single runner participating, by the time I walked home from the finish line, I felt like I had been a part of a community for those few hours.

    Also, as a local resident – I think the only one that participated in either the runs or bicycle races – I want to thank you and Chris Skogen for choosing Spring Valley as your race headquarters. Rural areas have been feeling a bit marginalized in recent years with corporate America abandoning us – shuttering rural automobile dealerships being the first step – and politicians throwing us to the wolves – cutting our lifeline in Local Government Aid that provides so many essential services. It is with welcome arms that we greet so many enthusiastic athletes desiring to find their way to our small piece of the world to take part in this event in our community. Many local people were fascinated by your exploits on the gravel roads of our county. I would like to think you learned something as well. I won’t go so over the top that you found the meaning of life out on our rural roads, but I have to believe you discovered something about the physical world you never knew before as well as something new deep inside yourselves that other visitors passing through at 60 miles per hour on paved roads, surveying the community through windshields while enjoying their climate controlled environment, will never understand.

    • Thank You David. I am glad you had an interesting experience. We learned a lot from this first year and are already discussing next year’s adventure. When I ran the 61 miler I went through something I’ve never experienced before. I’m not even sure if I’m ready to write about it quite yet, but hopefully sometime I will tackle it.

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