Here are the routes which one of the participants mapped out on with his membership;  Thanks Mr. Oswald!  Use these maps only as aids, and Make sure you carry the cue cards we created since some of the roads are not correctly labeled on google,mapmyrun,etc.

Perley Wilder 30K map

James Wilder 50K map

Abel Wilder 100K map

-100k Folks-

As I’ve said before, but will say again just to make sure:  Mandatory check-in Friday night at the VFW from 6-8pm.  If you want to supply a drop bag for yourself at mile 27, you must check it in with us Friday night when you register.  You must also provide proof of a phone, headlamp, & water carrying devices at check-in.

Note:  It will be warm Saturday as I’m sure you have all noticed.  Bring plenty of water and fill up at the water stops at miles 27 and 55.  If you are not sweating while you run, it is not a good sign.  I will remind you that this is a self-supported race, but if you are ever in serious danger please call the number listed on the cue cards so that we can address the situation.  That said, I’m sure it will be a great day and you will all enjoy the spectacular scenery of SE Minnesota!

-50k Folks-

Remember that you will be running the same course as the 30k crew until mile 17 where you will turn North and they continue South.  Just follow your cue cards and the wilder signs and you should be fine.  There will be a water station at Masonic Park at mile 16.6 so make sure and fill up if you need it, otherwise your options only include homes along the route or the river you get to run through.  You are the only participants to cross over private property at the water crossing, so please be courteous and respect the fact that they gave us permission to cross through their property.  Be smart, don’t litter!

-30k Folks-

You will be running the same route as the 50k folks up until mile 17 where you will continue south on Hwy 38.  Follow your cue cards and you will be fine, just be aware that people may turn a different direction than you at this time.  There will be a water station at Masonic Park at mile 16.6, so if you need a little extra H20 to make it to the end, get it here.


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