Route Notes

Alright, here they are, finally!

Note that I will not be laminating these for you:) I simply taped mine up, which works great to prevent sweat/rain from shredding them…just FYI.

There are two different sets of notes.  The pdf formatted notes are sized approximately to the size of a cell phone.  They include the handy arrows and numbered pages.  I formatted them this way because many people have waterproof cases of some sort with which they put their cell phone in.  Thus, the cell phone race notes cover thing.

I have also formatted the race notes in a word (docx) format.  These notes are simply listed for you to convert to a different size, shape, etc.

When you register, we will have the cell-phone size race notes in your bag in case you do not have access or time to get to a printer.  With that, here they are:

Abel Wilder 100km – (pdf)

Abel Wilder 100km – (docx)

James Wilder 50km – (pdf)

James Wilder 50km – (docx)

Perley Wilder 30km – (pdf)

Perley Wilder 30km – (docx)


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