OR Echo Tee Review

You’re probably getting tired of hearing about how awesome the Echo tee from Outdoor Research is, but seriously, it’s awesome.

This isn’t just some tech-tee you get after a race to add to the pile in your closet or to turn into one of those commemorative race blankets.  We want you to use this thing!

I picked up an Echo a few weeks ago, and have more or less been living in it.

Here’s an abridged story of this shirt’s life:

-Showed up at front door, was instantly thrown on and taken for a quick run.

-Worn while doing lots of hot, sweaty yardwork

-Worn to work

-Worn for some lifting

-Worn on another run

-Washed for the first time

-Taken out of the laundry basket and promptly thrown on the back

-Worn on another run

-Worn for a baselayer on Easter 5k…cold and rainy…


-Here I sit writing this review…wearing the OR Echo

So yeah, it’s good for living in…but it’s meant for running in.

This thing is so light, so soft, and so breathable that it’s almost like you’re not wearing a shirt, which is how I prefer to run anyway.  The problem with 99% of tech-tees I have had is that they look cool, but are in fact stifling when you really get moving.  Not so with the Echo, it stayed cool and dry even when I was pushing up the biggest hills Hixon Forest had to throw at me.  Even in a good rain, worn under a waterproof/breathable shell it kept me mostly dry.

If you actually followed the above timeline, you’ll realize that I worn this shirt several times between washings and even had the guts to wear it into work (I work retail, close to people all of the time).  This is something I would never try with another synthetic shirt; which tend to be body-odor magnets.  OR uses a technology called Polygiene (essentially silver salt) in the Echo to slow the growth of bacteria, mildew and other gross stuff that makes you smell gross.  So far, I’d say it works great, and more importantly the folks around me haven’t told me that it’s not working.

Lastly this thing does not chafe what so ever.  Technically it’s called flat stitching, but I think that it really comes down to fit.  This isn’t a tight fit, or a loose fit, but more something just right.

I’m looking forward to having another one…with the Wilder Foot Races logo right on the front.



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