Wilder Race Tee Pre Order

Pretty cool shirts there, huh?

Men's Echo Tee (Diablo)

Women's Echo Tee (Blue)


Want to know how you can get your hands on one?

We’re selling these shirts for $30 (They retail for $37 even before we throw our awesome logo on them) and if you pre-order we will have them at the booth when you check in, which saves all of us the hassle of shipping.

Again, the shirt is an Outdoor Research Echo Tee.  It’s lightweight, breathable, has some UPF to keep the sun off your shoulders, and they even claim that it’s odor resistant.  In short this is probably a lot
We’re also offering it in a woman’s shirt as well.  We’ll get a picture up as soon as possible, but it’s pretty similar to the men’s tee except a lighter better than the last shirt you got for doing a race.


Follow the link below and fill out the information, there is a spot to tell us whether you’d like a men’s or women’s tee, and to tell us your size.


Pre-orders end on 4/20/12 and we only have a limited amount of each size so get ’em in now.


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