Wilder Foot Races Tech Tee

I know a lot of folks who do races (or forgo certain races) based solely on the “finisher” tee.  Personally I am not that interested in race-shirts (I have a lot of  running shirts so it gets a little overwhelming), but I do have several race shirts that I wear regularly.  Each of them is unique and has it’s own story or appeal whether it be that it’s a comfortable shirt, cool design, or actually good for running.

Grandma’s Marathon 2008:  Way cool and comfortable red cotton tee without a whole lot of clutter; also my first marathon.  People see the shirt and tell me their Grandma’s stories from years past or their ambitions for future races.

Almanzo Tee 2011:  Cool shirt, even cooler race, huge accomplishment.  Some people know what last year’s Almanzo was like, and those folks see the shirt and know that you are either completely nuts or bad-ass.  I’ll take either.

Ironman 2011:  Nice tech-tee.  Pretty plain, and doesn’t scream “I AM IRONMAN,” but it’s darn comfortable and wicks well.

YMCA Maple Leaf Road Races:  They’re long-sleeve!  How cool is that?  And the design is pretty awesome.

And my favorite, the Montrail Wasatch Waddle:  Fun little trail race held in Salt Lake City, UT, during the summer outdoor retailer.  The shirt is a little busy, but it’s a great tech-tee from Mountain Hardwear.  It’s great because this shirt was made for running, not showing off that you’re a runner.  It’s lightweight, breathable, and it fits well.  It’s almost like not wearing a shirt, but more socially acceptable.

Dustin and I have put a lot of thought into what we wanted to do for a race shirt and while it was obvious to do a tech-tee and something of a higher quality than your run of the mill race shirt.  We also wanted it to be simple and a shirt that folks might wear to the grocery store or bar, along with representing us while they’re crushing it on the local trails.

So without further ado we present to you the shirt for the 2012 Wilder Foot Races:

We don’t have an exact image of the back of the shirt, but it will be pretty similar to the volunteer tee shown below.

The shirt will be an Outdoor Research Echo T.  It’s lightweight, breathable, has some UPF for good measure and they claim that the Polygiene® odor control keeps you smelling fresh no matter how hard you’re working…we’ll see about that.

Stay tuned for instructions on how to get your hands on one of these great shirts!


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