Running with an Empty Bladder

I chose to switch it up yesterday on my 4 hour run by doing a destination run.  It worked out that our REI dividend just came in so my wife planned to meet me at the store in Bloomington.  The 29 mile route took me NW from Cottage Grove, then along the river for the majority of the trek.  It was a nice run until I ran out of water at about the 3 hour mark and had to run along American boulevard (worst street in the cities) in the concrete heat.

I wore my camelbak pack, which has been working out alright on trail and road runs.  I haven’t drained the bladder on a run yet, so I was really surprised yesterday when I ran out.  The temperature was around 75-80 with high winds and sun.  This weather feels a bit warm to me in mid-March, and it had me sucking the camelbak dry.

The trip brought back the reality that the weather can be anywhere from freezing to sweltering in May or any month in Minnesota, so it is important to always carry enough water, especially if you are out on your own and not nearby a water source.  I could have stopped at a few places along the way today, but I wanted to push myself without water as long as I could for training purposes (not really a great idea in hindsight.)

Come May, if you’re running the Abel Wilder/100k, I’m going to straight up recommend you have a pack with a bladder equivalent to or greater than 32 oz plus a full size handheld or two.  As of date, the 100k will hit spots with water every 24-25 miles.   You know your body best; maybe you can handle long runs without water, maybe you cannot.  Whatever the case may be, prepare for the unexpected.

Those of you running the James Wilder/50k or the Perley Wilder/30k should pass a potential water spot around mile 17ish.  Remember, the routes could still change between now and May depending on a variety of things, so focus on getting to know your body and what it needs to function properly.


One response to “Running with an Empty Bladder

  1. I need to start training with a bladder just to get a feeling for it; I just purchsed a 70oz Nathan HPL 020 vest for the Abel!

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