A buddy o’ mine called me up yesterday as I waited for my co-pilot to find his way.  He asked me first off if I thought he could do the 50k if he started training now, which is about 10 weeks out from the race.  I said yes before he even finished stating the question.  I’m no training coach, and everyone trains differently, but I gave him a few pointers which I’ve picked up along the way through my own training and from reading/researching/questioning other running resources.

  • Get up in distance quickly by extending your long runs half an hour each week. (Specific to his lack of time issue.  Example, up half an hour each week for the long run)
  • Taper down slightly on your long runs every 2-3 weeks and then jump back up in distance for another 2-3 weeks.  Taper 1-2 weeks before the race
  • Test out some different water carrying options (packs, handhelds, waistpacks, etc).  Just find out what works best and figure out how much water you need to run for hours without water access
  • Eat on your long runs and find out what works best for you.  (Example: I’m diggin salted nut rolls and gu chomps).
  • Run on gravel as much as you can and try out different shoes on it.  (I’ve found that my trail runners work better than road shoes due to the stiffer sole, better grip, and more minimalist heel to toe drop.)
  • Run hills, trails, or do speed tempo workouts on at least half of your runs per week to strengthen your legs
  • Have fun

Smile when you run, cheer yourself on, say hi to folks on the trails, run in awesome places, and listen to your body.


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