All you have to do is send a postcard?

In the past couple of weeks I have been pestering a few friends to get their postcards in the mail.  Most of them have showed interest in the races equal to my pestering…others are simply full of talk and not “(wo)manly” enough for the task; but I remind them of the postcards anyway.

A couple days ago though I was cruising Facebook when I noticed a friend’s post about Grandma’s Marathon, or more specifically the half marathon.  He and another friend had entered the lottery in hopes of running it together, but as happens sometimes the other didn’t get in. 

So here’s my friend, we’ll call him Nate (because that’s his name) bummed that he can’t run with his friend.

I mentioned to Nate, who has not been what most folks would call a runner for a few years now, that he should run the Perly as a training run for his race in June.  That would of course be stupid…but then again so is paying for a race you night not even be able to run under your own terms.

Surprisingly Nate bit and asked for more information, so I pointed him to the blog.  He came back and said that it seemed like a spectacularly crazy idea considering his training but that he was still interested.  I told him to send a postcard and he can run the race.

He can run the race.  I’m sure of it; and remember, while Nate isn’t exactly in terrible shape, he is not a runner.

This race will challenge even the best runners, but it also has the potential to be enjoyable for every runner from the first person to cross the finish of the Abel to the last person to cross the finish of the Perly, and even those who bail out early.

I’ve done a lot of racing and seen people perfectly conditioned for their sport fail miserably.  Things go wrong all the time.  But I’ve also had the privilege for three years now to watch some of the last finishers for Ironman Wisconsin trickle in.  The folks are amazing.  Some of them are diabetic, others have heart problems, some are seriously overweight, and other still are simply in over their heads.  And I say again they are amazing.  Amazing athletes.

They’ve signed up one year in advance and paid $600, not including the hotel stay and all of the sweet fear that goes with Ironman, just to suffer for one day.  We’re not asking for $600, although if you’re offering we’ll certainly talk about it, and all you need is a pair of shoes, some basic running gear, a bit of training and a postcard.

That’s it.  All you have to do is send a postcard.  We’d prefer it to carry some meaning, but really anything will do.  And then you need to start training.

Good luck y’all.


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