New Shoes

As promised, I walked into my local gear shop (Three Rivers Outdoors*, check it out…great staff, cool stuff, some good deals if you know where to look), and picked up some new kicks.

Montrail Rouge Racers, in deep turquoise/voltage.  Their darn light at about 9 oz, and are billed as a neutral, aggressive, minimalist trail racer; just what I am looking for…


Light and bright.

I am really looking forward to trying these guys out and reporting back.

With the help of some Advil my ankle might even let me put a few miles down on the Superior Hiking Trail (my favorite place to run, bar none) tonight.  That said this weekend is more about tromping through the woods in some Danners in search of the elusive snowshoe hare, and hanging out with Dad.

Have a great weekend y’all.  Get outside.  Have fun, and be safe.

*For transparency I think that it’s important to say that I managed said shop and the only reason they have this shoe in stock is because I thought that it looked bitchin’…the rest of the world seemed to disagree.  70-some bucks if you want a pair!


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