Perley Wilder teases us.

I am still reeling from the amazing scenery on the Perley course.  Folks competing in this foot race will be running by grade A trout streams, grade C farmland, and grade B dogs.

I’ve been intending to get on with writing about the Perley course review, and yet here I am, struggling to express how great that run was which Sven and I ran more than two weeks ago.  I’ve edited some photos which I trust will be able to say more than my blabbering sentences, so here it is:

My wife, Lisa, jumped into the mix to get a run in.  She doesn’t do much trail running yet, but she said she would love to run out here every chance she had….less the dogs.  She loved the course simply because it is quiet (lack of motor vehicles), the scenery is amazing (even when your legs and lungs are burning), and your mind will escape your body .  These “romantic” photos do not indulge  some of the challenges you will encounter during your race, but they do provide a glimpse of the unique attributes of Southeast Minnesota, which will continue to draw you back time after time again.

Next up; James.


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