I headed down to Spring Valley today to attend a meeting with the Almanzo Crew and the Spring Valley Tourism Committee, as well as do some scouting.  The meeting cued me in on some great things that will be going on at Wilder Fest, of which I will elaborate upon as specifics become, well, more specific.  The most important item discussed today regarded the starting point of all the races.  In years past, the start and finish of the Almanzo 100 and Royal 162, and the projected start and finish of this year’s Wilder Foot Races, has been located at Kingsland High School. However, due to a school event, the start location has been moved just West of the high school to an undeveloped patch of land with an undeveloped patch of road.

OLD location

NEW Start/Finish location

I believe this location will be beneficial to the Wilder Fest events and will help create a better sense of temporary community or…gypsy athlete hangout.  As discussion with Spring Valley/Almanzo continues to progress, we will let you know exactly what and where things will be happening come May 18th, 19th, & 20th.

One thing is for sure, I plan on spending the entire weekend-plus down in Spring Valley and I hope you plan on doing the same.  The more time we get to spend together down there, the better life will be, period.


I really enjoyed exploring more gravel roads in the vicinity and encountered some interesting spots, but the sights that excite me the most are signs like these:

and places like these:

You may or may not see any or all of these things during your race, but I will say that the further you go, the more you see!


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