Bring on the hurt…

There are a lot of reasons one might step out the front door and go for a run.  A lot of folks talk about the therapeutic values of running, and the health benefits of regular moderate exercise.

Training for an endurance event, such as the Wilder, is NOT moderate exercise…and after years of doing this to myself I can also say that there are probably not as many health benefits in doing this day after day.

But it sure is fun!

Lately one of my most nagging motivations to take that first step out the door or to crank up the tunes for some lifting is simply that it hurts so much not to.  Not that it hurts in a psychological way, but that it physically hurts me not to. 
Aching muscles.  Stiff back.  And a foggy mind.  Just because I was to lazy to change into my running gear, or because it’s a little colder than I would like?  Yeah, not worth it.

Some days, running is just plain easier than not running.



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