False Starts

My training so far seems to be going about as well as this whole winter thing; full of false starts, and wimpy at best.

Not to say that Usain Bolt is wimpy at best...or that I'm nearly as fast as he is...

Saturday morning (1/07) was my first run since that great wipe-out I took on Thursday the 5th, although I did manage to get out for a short bike ride that evening.

Saturday’s run was nice though.  All on the trails, which had thawed since Thursday, so much so that by the end of my run I was slip-sliding all over that place again…and covered in mud!  It felt good to get out, while my original plan had been to run for just a half hour, I pushed myself through at least an hour of steady ups and downs.

Today, right after breakfast, I forced myself to do some lifting before I lost all motivation.

I have a few free weights at home, a box for dips, enough floor-space for sit-ups, and a pull-up bar, so sometimes I struggle with whether or not to go to the gym.  Working out at the gym has the benefit of fewer distractions, and much more (and higher quality) equipment, but it also involves getting there, and in today’s case, changing out of what I wore to bed.

Tomorrow morning I will hit the trails for an hour an a half of muscle-shredding, lung-pumping, mind-numbing running.  To say that I’m stoked would be a huge understatement.  I”M STOKED!

Hopefully those of you who have already committed to running any of the Wilder Foot Races are enjoying your training so far, and those of you considering it are thinking up creative postcards to send us.

Enjoy the unseasonably warm weather!



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