Salomon SpikeCross 3 CS: A preview

One of the many obstacles I’m forced to overcome several times every year is the changing seasons.  With each season comes a new list of required gear, and unfortunately every year I find significant inadequacies in the gear that I do have…and I have LOTS of it.

Last year, and in years past I’ve pretty much moved from running on trails once late fall hits, to running on a treadmill once the ice hits, to finally liberating myself and hitting the trails again once there’s a decent coating of snow.  This year, I’m trying to stick to the trails as much as possible…and if you read yesterday’s post you know how well that’s going.

Well Old Man Winter has another thing coming if he thinks that he can just knock me around like that.

With any luck I will have a pair of new Salomon SpikeCross 3 CS’s waiting by my door within the next few days.


I’ve looked at these shoes in the past, but never pulled the trigger…mostly because it seemed silly to have a pair of shoes I would use only a few times a year.

Other than my own failure to use my gear enough I think that these shoes will be perfect for winter trail runs, especially on slick trails with minimal snow cover.

Let’s start from the ground up.

These shoes have an unique outsole, with agressive lugs and carbide studs designed for optimal traction on ice and mud.  The dual density midsole should provide some cushioning and a responsive feel.  In my experience Salomon trail runners are a little clunky, but in the SpikeCross I tried on, I felt they had a low profile with minimal cushioning; something I like in a shoe.  Salomon uses an Ortholite insole, but that doesn’t really matter since I’ll be replacing it with a pair of SuperFeet insoles.

The upper of this shoe is a rip-stop nylon backed by a Climashield membrane, which is supposedly similar to Gore-tex; for better or for worse.  My concern is that it won’t actually be breathable and will leave me with a serious case of swamp-foot halfway through my run.

Salomon shoes tend to have a snug fit, provided in part by my favorite Salomon Footwear feature: the Quicklace system.  You essentially tug on a kevlar string (indestructable, unless you have a dog), and you’re shoe is both snug and tied.

I’m pretty excited to throw these on my feet and put in some miles.  Initial impressions coming soon!



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