Nike Element Shield Jacket

The last piece of Nike product I wore was probably some sort of tie die tee-shirt in the 1980’s.  In some aspects I still think of Nike as a joke when it comes to running gear.  I have a hard time taking their product seriously when you see it on the street as often as the North Face Denali fleece jackets.  But ultimately, I think they’ve made some serious improvements with their running gear recently, and I know they have always been a big running sponsor since the good ole’ days.

The only item of clothing I can base my opinion on is the Nike Element Shield Full Zip Jacket, which I recently received as a gift from REI.  Aesthetically, I’m a fan of the sort of grainy gray color, which they call Dusk.  The jacket definitely caught my eye when I first noticed it in the store.  Check out photos here: Nike Element Shield Jacket

The fit is decent.  The sleeves are nice and long, even on the small.  This intentional design element was to create non-friction with your body, although it seems more relevant for the use of the thumb hole and “hand warmers.”  The only problem I found with the fit of this jacket would be the shoulder cut.  For someone skinny like me the medium is simply too large, and the small fits well other than the slightly tight shoulder area.  The cut of the jacket works nicely, as it comes down deeper in front and back and slightly up on the sides to prevent swaying or bunching.  Draw string would be a nice addition to this jacket in the future.

I mentioned the “hand warmers” which are little sleeves that stow inside the jacket.  It sounds awful when describing them, but these really are a great feature of this jacket.  I have pulled my jacket sleeves slightly over my hands before, usually during runs where gloves became just too much and the jacket was just enough.  These little additions really do fit nicely inside the jacket and are one of the most distinct parts of the jacket for me.

Pockets on the side of the jacket are great.  Its important to be able to reach my goodies with out struggling to reach into my back pocket.

Dri-Fit and Element Shield are the wind and moisture resistant features, which make this a winter jacket.  These two features work to repel moisture, dry quickly, and block the wind,  but I’m still not sure if it compares to the wicking ability of my old Marmot DriClime Windshirt.

Overall, I would recommend this jacket to friends and family.


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