Where’s the stinkin’ snow!?!

12/27, Afternoon run, Hixon Forest

Run time: 1:00 plus coo-ldown

Pace: Easy/moderate

Weather: Clear, 30’s and WINDY

Description: Muddy, muddy, muddy.  Not exactly what I was expecting going into January.  No snow and very little ice, except for well shaded low areas.  I’m no scientist, but the trail conditions sure gave the NPR program on global warming I was listening to in the car some credit.

All of the mud made each uphill extremely frustrating; sliding down half as far as each stride.  Talk about a lot of wasted effort.  Downhills were treacherous, sliding around corners and trying to maintain footing.

Significant thought of the day:  Even free races aren’t free.  There’s the gas it takes to get there, the gear we buy to make the training runs more comfortable or to give us an edge when race day comes, and finally the time we give up for training.  That time could be spent at the office, hanging with friends and family, or reading a book, but for some reason we spend hours alone on the trails.

While we can’t make it any easier to train, and although we’d love to make the gear easier to come by; there’s not much we can do about that.  What DH and I are going to do though is give you the best darn running race you’ve ever not paid for.



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