Night Running

12/28, Evening run, Hixon Forest, 3.5 miles

Run time: 30 minutes, forgot cool-down

Pace: Easy/moderate, about 10 min/mile

Weather:  Clear and calm, 30’s or so

Description: Mud has turned to rock hard dirt, and hurt the feet a lot.  That could be from poor form or my choice of footwear.  One of the benefits of working in the outdoor industry is that there’s no shortage of free or cheap shoes!  The Salomon XA 3D Pro’s have been great for hiking around home and even portaging in the BWCA, but I think that it’s time to come to grips with the fact that these awesome looking trail runners are actually a little stiff and heavy to carry that title.  We’ll give it a couple more runs to decide though.  I ran a trail marathon in them a few years ago and find it hard to believe that I suddenly don’t like them.

Other than the aching feet it was a great run.  I had forgotten how much I like trail running at night, when the surrounding woods just eats up the light from the city and my headlamp, leaving me with very little to guide myself by and making normally easy trails a little more technical.  Without light the climbs look bigger, there’s a feeling that if you were to step off of the edge of the trail you’d fall forever rather than a few feet.  And then there’s the illuminated eyes of all of the deer.  Rounding a corner the light will catch two eyes staring at you, possibly wondering why you’re interrupting dinner.

I had brought along a GPS to hopefully download my route, but the download has not been going as smoothly as expected.  Maybe another time.

Significant thought of the day:  The difference good gear can make.  Last night I needed a bright and dependable light to run safely, warm clothes that I wouldn’t over-heat in but would cut the wind and also allow me to move freely.  I personally have a gear fetish, and am always seeking better, and probably more expensive stuff.  But really is it worth it, and more importantly how much is it really worth?



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