Afton: Ride, Run, Ride

I have been planning on doing this workout for a long time and for some reason or another never got around to it.  Afton State Park is a gem located approximately 10 miles from my home.  Most people know the area for its skiing, and as people sped off in their suburbans and subarus to go skiing at Afton Ski Area, I made my way by bike into the State Park.  After a nice warmup ride I changed out of my cycling gear and into my running shoes to hit the snowshoe/hiking trails.  I opted for lightening my layers from a wicking T, Patagonia Cap3, and Marmot DriClime Windshirt by packing away the Cap3.  After stowing my cycling shoes and clothing into my Camelbak Trail Blazer pack, I hit   the trails.

The trails through the park were hard and fast, even if I wasn’t with my bouncing pack.    It didn’t bother me much in the beginning, but began to sway more towards the end.  I  will have to work on the straps to see if I can’t remedy that situation.

The sun was out as you can tell from the photos and as I moved from the woods to the prairie the terrain changed and so did the views.

I was smart to bring an extra set of upper body clothing and hat, but should have brought another pair of gloves, as my Lobster mits got a bit wet from the run.  Luckily my OR gore-tex shells from Northwoods Outfitters in Rochester (now it is Bicycle Sports) kept my hands from freezing on the ride home.

I hate to admit it, but I haven’t been to this park in a long time.  I plan on getting back there soon.


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