Looking Good is Feeling Good…

Or so the saying goes.  Which then begs the question, “Does looking like an athlete feel more athletic?”

Last night – before fully committing myself to running each of the Wilder Foot Races courses  – I walked into the bathroom, plopped the #3 guard onto the trimmer, revved it up and went to work on a bit of extra hair that might have been slowing me down these days.  After a quick hack-job I moved onto the beard.

What was left was a much sleeker looking me, and a pretty good-sized pile of hair in the sink.

And how did I feel?  I felt a lot fitter, and a lot more motivated to workout.  All from a quick haircut and shave.

The real test came today, on my first real training run.  While I’ve been running a bit lately this was the first workout since Ironman Madison in which I was really trying to be conscious of what my body was feeling at each point of the run.

Overall it was an awesome run.  The cold air was searing my lungs on every labored inhale, and while my legs were begging for more I was able to keep a nice slow pace going the entire time…except for the hills…I ate those up.

Everything was calm out there, and mostly silent spare the sound of icy dirt cracking under my feet and the few squirrels playing tag in the woods.  After a few minutes even my thoughts disappeared and I was left tramping through the woods.  And after a painless 45 minutes I was back where I had started…ready for the next workout.

Now I’m left with 144 days to train for two distances I’ve never run, on a course that I’m certain is going to be more challenging than any I’ve experienced so far.  And for the most part I have no idea how to train for it, so I’m going to wing it…sort of.

My training plan, which is yet to be put down on paper, is going to be a variation of this plan:

Runners World Ultramarathon Plan

This 111 day plan leaves me with 33 days to work up my base…

Ready.  Set.  GO!



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