In the past three years I have endured seven different jobs.  I have learned a lot in every position, yet I have not been able to garner that sense of accomplishment that makes you proud.  Ultimately this lack of something always brings me back to running, biking and being outdoors.  Pushing myself physically and mentally, whether it be training or races, contains a pivotal gravity which has improved my life across the board.   As I run through the trails of Cottage Grove, MN I realized how exciting it is to run fast.  Last year I ran a marathon and almost qualified for the Boston Marathon at the age of 25.  I know that tens of thousands of people qualify for the Boston Marathon every year, but I have never been that competitive in my life, nor have I ever worked that hard to be in shape…but when I realized I was in 13th place in the Rochester Med-City Marathon I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment.

  1   1/41     70 Ron Giles               Rochester          MN  42 M   2:44:41  6:18
    2   1/27    107 Benjamin Kopecky        North Liberty      IA  25 M   2:49:03  6:28
    3   1/34    206 Forrest Tracy           St. Paul           MN  31 M   2:49:35  6:29
    4   2/34     22 Chris Brown             Garfield           MN  36 M   2:57:27  6:47
    5   2/41    129 Jeffery Miller          Albert Lea         MN  46 M   2:58:28  6:49
    6   1/31     94 Deborah Hudleston       Minneapolis        MN  31 F   3:01:41  6:57
    7   3/34     55 Cory Felderman          Rochester          MN  30 M   3:04:24  7:03
    8   3/41     77 Geoffrey Hahm           Dayton             OH  41 M   3:06:15  7:07
    9   2/27    108 Joe Kotlowski           Stevens Point      WI  28 M   3:06:47  7:08
   10   4/34    126 Gerad Mead              St Paul            MN  31 M   3:09:32  7:15
   11   3/27     43 Shawn Dobbins           Eden Prairie       MN  26 M   3:12:50  7:22
   12   2/31     24 Kari Brown              Garfield           MN  33 F   3:13:10  7:23
   13   4/27     80 Dustin Harford          Hastings           MN  25 M   3:14:17  7:25

I know in reality what I did does not matter, but in relation to what I have achieved throughout my life…it is the pinnacle of all.  I hope to build upon it and realize what the human body is capable of achieving.  Finishing the Almanzo and biking to Castle Danger, MN were also life altering events.  People close to me compliment me on these achievements…but for me…(possibly sadly) these events mean so much more to  me.  I lay myself out on the line to admit how much these things mean to me, how much I hope to achieve, and how incredible of an event I hope to create for people.  I wish you the best of luck in your events throughout the rest of the year and up to the Wilder Foot Races in May of 2012.




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